West Keegans Bayou ID Neighborhood Projects

Planning of the District projects: All projects within WKBID are equally important and have urgency to be executed. Some projects execution may be delayed because of the participating/permitting authorities decisions. Several projects may be executed simultaneously.

Responsibilities of the Directors:

  • Any Director, alone or in the company of another Director, can visit the entire or any section of the bayou for inspection of structural and housekeeping issues
    and send messages to report issues to the District Engineer or to the mowing/housekeeping contractor, and to the District Paralegal, Mirna Croon.
  • Directors Richard Alvarado and Amarjit Verma are assigned to inspect on regular basis the District issues on the east side of SH-6.
  • Directors Kalpesh Patel, Sheila White and Dorene West, maximum two directors together, are assigned to inspect on a regular basis the District issues on the West side of SH-6.
  • Amarjit Verma and Kalpesh Patel will coordinate with the District Engineering Kavi Consulting, for bayou maintenance projects relating to the backslope drainage pipes maintenance and desilting project, and trail construction projects, and other maintenance issues.
  • Amarjit Verma and Sheila White will coordinate with Landscape Architect 7gen and LJA for trail planning and meeting with county officials for requesting funding for the District trail underpasses, and footbridges, and for county roads improvement within the District jurisdiction area and District surroundings.
  • Directors Amarjit Verma and Dorene West will coordinate with the District website consultant “Infinity Services, LLC” representatives for website updates and changes.

Current/Planned Projects

Bayou Maintenance Projects

  • Bayou water conveyance capacity: Determine the bayou water conveyance capacity for current state of the topographic parameters and its watershed. District to interface with Harris County Flood Control District for related data for capacity evaluation.
  • Backslope drainpipe outfalls: Tabulate the repair status of all the backslope drainpipe outfalls. Coordinate with trail projects team to determine the priority of addressing the repair of backslope drainpipe outfalls. Complete repairs of all outfalls as needed.
  • Desilting and bayou bank slop restoration project: Proceed with further phases of the bayou desilting and slope restoration project.
  • MS4 Issue: Ongoing working on MS4 issue with TCEQ.
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Potential Annexation of Area MUD Jurisdiction

First phase of this item requires initial consultation with WKBID legal consultant JP LLP attorney team and with Fort Bend County Drainage District Chief Engineer. District engineering consultant Kavi Consulting, Inc to assist in this task.

Producing of the sketches, individuals and overlay maps of District jurisdiction (DJ) of bayou (WKBID and Fort Bend County properties), part of bayou from DJ to Fort Bend County line, and maps of all MUDs which drains into the bayou. This presentation is very important for District to pursue issues with Fort Bend County drainage department and with MUDs. After that we will have District’s attorney involved with the issue to discuss possible annexation of certain areas to District Jurisdiction. These maps can be simple outlines to start with to evaluate the situation. Detailed maps, if needed, will be requested later. It has been sometimes for this issue and directors are eager to see progress on this item.

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Trails, Underpasses, Footbridges, and Parks Projects

  • 1. (a) The trail continuity project consisting of four underpasses, namely, at State Highway 6, Bissonnet St, Rocky Valley Dr and Addicks-Clodine Rd is the urgent project to be executed. This project cannot be executed without the involvement of Fort Bend County Precinct 4 Commissioner.
  • 1. (b) Construction of four foot bridges, namely, at Williwaw Dr, Keegans Wood Dr, and two footbridges near Sugarland Howell Rd area for transition of trail from northside to southside underpasses.
  • 1. (c) Trail on southwest side of bayou bank from State Highway 6 to Rocky Valley Dr after completion of project 1 (a).
  • 1. (d) Trail on northeast side of bayou bank from State Highway 6 to Rocky Valley Dr after completion of project 1 (a).
  • 2. Four trail connectors to main trail, namely to Brentford Dr, to Bissonnet St, to Emery Hill Dr and to Chalford Dr are under design.
  • 3. CenterPoint Energy area near Sugarland-Howell Rd Parking lot and jogging trail.
  • 4. Trail on north bank of the bayou from Williwaw Dr to Addick Clodine Rd.
  • 5. Trail on north bank of the bayou from Gains Rd to westward existing trail.
  • 6. Trail on north bank of the bayou from Gains Rd to eastward Rocky Valley Dr.
  • 7. Trails on north and south side of bayou ponds from Chancellorsville Ln to Clodine Rd after Clodine Rd gets improved by Fort Bend County.
  • 8. Trails on north and south side of the bayou ponds and banks from Clodine Rd to westward end of the bayou after Clodine Rd gets improved by Fort Bend County.
  • 9. Development of park at Sugarland Howell Rd area.
  • 10. Development of park at Hodges Bend Dr area (April Falls Trail).
  • 11. Planting of trees at Sugarland Howell Rd,
  • 12. Planting of trees along south bank of the bayou from Sugarland Howell Rd to westward towards Emery Hill Dr.
  • 13. Planting of trees along April Falls Trail and in general vicinity of Hodges Bend Dr and Williwaw Dr area open places,
  • 14. Planting of trees in any other open area of WKBID jurisdiction.
  • 15. Trail on south bank of the bayou from Sugarland Howell Rd to Keegans Wood Dr after the completion of footbridge on bayou at Keegans Wood Dr.
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Coordination With Harris County Commissioner to Improve Roads and Trail Infrastructure within WKBID Jurisdiction

Message sent on Harris County website for Infrastructure for November 2022 bond proposition. District shall pursue these projects with Harris County Precinct 3 Commissioner.
On September 22, 2022

  • 1. Six feet wide sidewalks on Howell-Sugarland Rd from Bissonnet St to Renn Rd to match the road and sidewalks as in south side of this road in Fort Bend County, to provide pedestrian and cyclist access to Sand Canyon Park.
  • 2. Improve Renn Rd with sidewalks and underground storm water drains from Howell-Sugarland Rd to Synott Rd. It is a developed area and people wish to connect to WKBID trail system.
  • 3. Improve Old Richmond Rd with sidewalks and underground storm water drains from Eldridge Parkway to Synott Rd.
  • 4. Provide sidewalks on both sides of Bissonnet St from county line to Synott Rd,
  • 5. Improve Synott Rd with sidewalks and underground storm water drains to Fort Bend County line.
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