What is an Improvement District?

A County improvement district is a special taxing district that the County may elect to establish upon petition by property owners within a specific area in the County. Water control or improvement districts are created under Texas Statutes as a means of financing the construction or improvement of local public improvements, such as streets, sewer lines, drainage ways, etc.

Does the District hold public meetings?
Yes. The Board of Directors welcomes all residents to attend the District's public meetings; all of the meetings are “Open Meetings” under Texas law. The Directors being residents of the District encourage other residents to attend, because it is an excellent opportunity for their neighbors to be heard and for any issues to be addressed. Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month (unless otherwise noted) at 4:45pm at the Keegans Wood Clubhouse located at: 9600 Keegans Wood Drive Houston TX 77083. Meeting dates and times are subject to change. 

How is the District "governed"?
The District is controlled by the residents of the district. West Keegans Bayou Improvement District is governed by a Board of Directors; this Board consists of five elected directors. The Board consults with several professional companies and consultants to provide management, billing, legal, financial, engineering, maintenance and other services to the District.

How can I view/pay my tax bill online? 

Please click here to transfer to Bob Leared Interests Tax Office website, where you can view/pay your taxes online.